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ADEDINA, ‘Femi & Victor ‘Tunji TAIWO

Aesthetics and Semiotics in Nigerian Films: An Analysis of Saworoide (Brass Bell), A Tunde Kilani’s Film


Adjunct Associate Professor

Department of Performing Arts

Lead City University, Ibadan, Nigeria


Department of Theatre Arts

Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education, Ijanikin

PMB 007, FESTAC Town, Lagos




Victor ‘Tunji TAIWO

Department of Mass Communication

South Western University

Sagamu-Benin Expressway, Okun-Owa

PMB 2088, Ijebu-Ode

Ogun State, Nigeria


Tel: +234-803-482-0322


Semiotics is an aspect of communication that uses signs, symbols, and signification to share ideas and information. It is a non-verbal communication cue that indicates how meanings are created. Film is one of many modes of expression that is based on representations and there will be the use of images and symbols within individual film. This paper intends to examine semiotics and symbols and other nonverbal cues as used in a Nigerian film, Saworoide, film produced by Tunde Kelani’s Mainframe Productions. It will also explore meanings and embedded meanings as created and reflected in the film. In addition, it will extrapolate the symbols, semiotics and nonverbal cues in relationship to Yoruba cultural values from the cultural milieu that serves as the film’s setting and location.This paper finally examines aesthetical values inherent within the film vis-a vis the use of indigenous semiotics within the context of a Nigerian film.

Keywords: Semiotics, Nonverbal Cues, Symbols, Nigerian film, Indigenous Communication and Aesthetics