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ADÉOYÈ, Adérèmí Michael

Deconstructing the "Wood" in "Nollywood": Nigerian Film Industry and its Imagined Scenographic Space

Adérèmí Michael ADÉOYÈ

Department of Theatre and Media Arts

Federal University, Oyé-Èkìtì

Ekiti State, Nigeria


GSM: +234-803-219-6432


The problem of this study is the disconnect, in terms of cultural context and moral adherence to scenographic standards, between the Nigerian movie industry and the American movie industry, in spite of feigned superficial and nominal imitation of the latter by the former. The objective of the study is to demonstrate that Hollywood has a direct reference to a scenographic space, which has physical existence on the American soil, where drama, theatre, scenography as well as practitioners meet to experiment, produce and market their arts. The theatrical experiment, production and marketing in Hollywood are however governed by the American culture; while the conception of Nollywood commands an imaginary sense of space, which has no application to physical, cultural or natural scenography. This study is situated within the theoretical principle of “Deconstruction” by Jacques Derrida (1930–2004), which advocates intellectual dissection of artistic phenomena with a view to constructive criticism. Data were collected via non-participant observation and Key Informant techniques and analyzed through qualitative method of data analysis. Therefore, the study concludes that the Nigerian movie industry should have a reference to a physical scenographic space, where theatrical activities are governed by relevant cultural contexts and professional standards, as observable in the American model which it seems to follow.

Key Terms: Nollywood, scenographic space, cultural contexts, deconstruction.