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AFO, Donaldson Ushie

Repositioning Nollywood through Behaviour Change Communication: A Quest for Promotion of Nigeria’s Cultural Diplomacy and National Unity

Donaldson Ushie AFO

Department of Theatre & Media Studies

University of Calabar, Calabar



The Nigerian Movie Industry, Nollywood, like other industries in the country is not only a steaming engine that amplifies the movement of Nigerian culture, but also plays an important role in boosting the Nation’s economic viability since it creates job opportunities and helps young and vibrant Nigerians to develop their God-given talents. Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) is a process that motivates people to adopt and sustain good behaviours and lifestyles. Meaning that developing and sustaining good behaviour requires a continuing investment in BCC. Therefore, as part of effort to motivate the development of Nigeria’s cultural engine, called, ‘Nollywood,’ every Nigerian with Governments at all levels inclusive must work not only to change her negative perception of Nollywood, but project constructive criticism targeted at not tarnishing the image of the asset, but motivating the speedy development of the industry. The objective of the paper, therefore, is to examine the influence of Nigerians’ perception of Nollywood with a view to proffering Behaviour Change Communication aimed at curbing the menace.  

Keywords: Behaviour, Change, Culture, Curbing, Communication, Nigeria, Nollywood, Unity.