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AGBOOLA, Michael Olanrewaju

Nollywood and Image-Making: A Compelling Necessity of Re-orientation

Michael Olanrewaju AGBOOLA

School of Visual and Performing Arts

Kwara State University, Malete


Since the emergence of the Nollywood, it has not hidden its flare for demonstrating and exhibiting the rich culture of the various nationalities in Nigeria. This invariably makes it an avenue as an image-making industry, apart from its entertainment enterprise. However, this paper argues that the manner of this representation and image making is more often than not counterproductive, as the nation’s culture is most times presented in abhorrent and offensive manner, thus creating a different image (negative), from what is intended, before the international community. Drawing copiously from sundry Nigerian films to buttress this argument, the paper notes that Nigerian film producers, screen writers, directors and artistes will need to engage themselves in painstaking research, desist from presumptions and consider the twin issues of credibility and national interest alongside their economic interest as they produce movies for both national and international viewers. The importance of strengthening the regulatory institutions such as the Nigerian Film and Video Censors Board and a more flexible, pragmatic, equitable and easily accessible and affordable funding facilitated by the government will do more good than harm in enhancing the nation’s cultural values before the international community than it has ever been.