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AHMED, Lantana

Nollywood, Cock Crow At Dawn, Point of Convergence and Divergence in the Promotion of Nigeria Culture

Lantana AHMED

Department of Theatre and Cultural Studies

Nasarawa State University

P.M.B.1022, Keffi, Nigeria


GSM: +234-807-517-8116; +234-809-122-9149


Nollywood and Cock Crow at Dawn are comparable, particularly, with reference to the inviolability of their cultural impact on the Nigerian viewership then and now. Cultural promotion was one of the focuses of Cock Crow at Dawn, a Nigerian television serial of the 70s and 80s; ditto Nollywood of today. However, Nollywood, unlike the Cock Crow at Dawn, is becoming highly westernized and acculturated, thus defeating the didactic imperatives of the way of life of Nigerians. This paper attempts to look at the point of convergence and divergence of the duo in the encouragement of culture, based on participant and non-participant knowledge. It is discovered that Nollywood’s attempt to incorporate the Hollywood style of movies is inadvertently downplaying the Nigerian culture and this is a challenge that practitioners should nip in the bud.