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AKAM, Kingsley Oyong

Reaffirming the Director’s Role in Filmmaking towards Quality Production: Examining Prevailing Issues in Nollywood, the Nigerian Film Industry

Kingsley Oyong AKAM


International Multidisciplinary Research and Academic Society

Nsukka, Enugu State

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GSM: +234-803-330-5087; +234-818-530-1430; +234-811-097-3026


The Nigerian film industry (Nollywood) had made appreciative impact to the society, but a lot needs to be done in order to improve the quality of production by infusing professionalism in the industry. The thrust of this paper lies in reaffirming the importance of film directing and the director’s role in a production. It argues that, the quality of any film is achievable through the collaborative efforts of all collaborators where the film director must show insightful sense of professionalism and skills. Data for this article are gotten partly from comprehensive reading of literature materials available to this writer such as, books, journal articles, conference papers, newspapers, and internet sources as well as from personal experiences of this writer as a passive participant. The data collected were arranged, reviewed, analyzed and presented through descriptive approaches. It was discovered that, besides unprofessionalism, indiscipline and unethical practices by some practitioners which have affected the quality of film production in Nigeria; this study identified and examined some prevailing issues bedevilling the progress of film production in Nollywood. These issues not limited to lack of casting, absence of production conference, lack of rehearsal, lack of shooting script, inadequate financial support, high cost of production, piracy, and insecurity. In conclusion, the paper was able to redefine the role and importance of the director in any film production. It is evident that if the level of professionalism, discipline, competences, content and creativity in Nollywood is increased and every member in a filmmaking project contributes his or her quota under the leadership of a competent and creative director, the production quality will increase as well. This will attract investors and sponsors, locally and internationally because Nigeria in particular and Africa in general have the market for the sale of films to maximize profit.

Key words: Director, Filmmaking, Quality Production, Prevailing Issues, Nigerian, and Nollywood.