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AKANLE, Oyewole Isaac

Nollywood and Alternative Dispute Resolution: A Critical Reading of Mr. and Mrs.

Oyewole Isaac AKANLE

NTS Abuja Study Centre

National Institute for Cultural Orientation (NICO)

Wuse Zone 7, Abuja-FCT


GSM: +234-803-59669209


The phenomenon of recurrent broken homes and divorce, which is worrisome, has dominated the African and the global world at large today. The issue of marital conflict, which is linked to the onset of depressive symptoms, psychological disorder, male alcoholism, episodic drinking, clubbing and its deleterious effects on the mental, physical and family health is paramount in national discourse today. It is believed that the bliss in our homes transcends good and healthy working environment and the society at large; hence, serious attention is required because of its critical role in national development. A critical reading of Mr. and Mrs., a Chinwe Egwuagu production shows verbal and physical abusiveness to personal characteristics by neglect, oppressions, and perceived inequality as a result of external stressors (mother-in-law and political class). The thrust of this research is to opine the diplomatic display of a mediator cum counsellors in restoring love and peace into the shattered home. It is equally to advocate for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in marital conflict. The cause of the conflict is the focus of the discussion as the parties are brought together by the mediator to negotiate. Emerging developments have indicated that litigation as a mechanism for dispute resolution is old, tired, party unfriendly and incapable of coping with challenges of contemporary dispute resolution. Mediation process usually comes first in litigation processes in our court today where Judges advise that the parties should meet to discuss and if it fails result to litigation. It provides win-win solution while litigation provides win-lose result. This study also shows that marital challenges are not insurmountable; rather, the commitment of both parties is required to build a formidable home and a healthy Nation.