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AKOWE, Achor Friday

Theatre for Development (TfD) in Search of Space in Socio-Cultural Relevance for National Security

Achor Friday AKOWE

Department of Theatre Arts

Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education

Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria


GSM: +234-806-971-5353


The quest for more sustainable art that will liberate the masses from the stronghold of oppression, poverty, deprivation, rejection, security and the likes has been on for a long time now. This has led to the outburst of cry either from the dramaturgical or theatrical perspective. This singular aim has equally made development crusaders to look the way of various media in the colouration of theatrical, dramatic and television performances. It is the position of this paper, that TfD (even though a means to an end) remains pivotal in this search, since it avails its participants (the masses) the opportunity to the take the driver’s seat in driving the developmental process. This they do, as they assume the actors and as well as spectators’ role in rehearsing their desired change via collective participation, dialogue and decisive choice making; hence, the crave for more expansive space in the arena of social relevance. The paper, therefore, recommends for a strong synergy between TfD and Nollywood in the area of documenting TfD performances through the audio-visual aids and the scripting of TfD interventions story lines into movie scripts.