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ALI, Dameh Joseph

Historical and Cultural Re-Orientation in Kunle Afolayan’s October 1

Dameh Joseph ALI

Department of Theatre and Performing Arts

Bayero University, Kano (BUK)


Overtime, films, like literature have come to encapsulate the activities of man. These activities are usually captured in stories told, written or acted for entertainment and didactic purposes. The enactment and representation of historical occurrences has provided a veritable tool for re-telling and re-orientation with the aim of attaining a more lucid and better grasp of a situation. Employing Nigeria’s historical and cultural diversity, Kunle Afolayan re-enacts Nigeria’s colonial experience and events at the eve of Nigeria’s Independence as a pointer to subsequent travails of the Nigerian State. This paper juxtaposes history, culture, present day realities and Afolayan’s October 1, simultaneously unravelling the seeming but not too obvious cause(s) of Nigeria’s challenges, and proffering solutions. It can be argued that Afolayan has actually brought to the fore the fact that Europe (Britain) ‘under-developed’ Africa(Nigeria).It could be said that October 1 is one of Nollywood’s step in the right direction.


Dameh Joseph ALI holds a BA and MA in English (Literature) from Bayero University, Kano. He currently teaches Dramatic Text/Literature in the Department of Theatre and Performing Arts, Bayero University, Kano.