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AMAEFULA, Rowland C.

Morality and the Video Film in a Globalized Society: The Nigerian Example


Department of Languages, Linguistics & Literary Studies

Federal University, Ndufu-Alike, Ikwo

Ebonyi State, Nigeria


GSM: +234-703-546-0476; +234-818-887-9346


Video film is one of the most potent art forms for entertainment and pedagogy. Being an audio-visual medium of socialization, it has the capacity of shaping the shared views, opinions, attitudes, beliefs and values of a particular human society. Thus, the arbitrary consolidation of disparate cultures into one whole – the global culture – portends danger to the moral codes of any society. Employing the qualitative analysis methodology, this study assessed the impact of globalization on Nollywood video films, using Dirty Secret as a case in point. The focus is on film-makers’ recent obsession with quasi-pornographic themes, marked by obscenities and debauchery. This study traced this thematic shift to the gradual collapse of cultural boundaries which has occasioned the escalation of profanity in Nollywood video films. Consequently, this paper argued for moderation in the acquisition of alien cultures. The intention is not to isolate Nigeria and Nollywood video films from current trends that permeate different countries but to equip Nigerian video films with moral codes that would be contextually beneficial in the enculturation of Nigerians.

Keywords: Morality, Nollywood, Globalization and Video Film