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ANIUKWU, Nkemakonam

Cultural Performance and Sustainability: Analysis of Selected Nollywood Films

Nkemakonam ANIUKWU

Department of Theatre & Film Studies

Nnamdi Azikiwe University (NAU)

Awka, Anambra State


GSM: +234-803-608-8275


The culture of a people says a lot about their way of life, the philosophy of such people, their belief, and so on and so forth. Also at the same time, it radiates peoples’ history and transport any visitor to such culture from what has been (dominant/residue) to the present situation (emergent) of things in that society. A particular culture changes through interaction with other cultures which may be superior or dominant. The advent of film in Nigeria was no exception as the colonial ‘Masters’ British used film as a propaganda tool in preaching their “assumed victory” of the Second World War in their colonies. Thus this medium of information dissemination goes beyond mere entertainment and works hand in hand with creativity which the filmmakers may explore in shaping the cultural dimensions of the Nigerian people and African continent at large. One of the major functions of Theatre Arts and Film practitioners to any society is to use their craft in upholding good tenets and cultural practices of the people, as well as condemning bigotry, and finding solution to a chaotic society. This study x-rays the departing ethos of the people and cultural bastardization inherent in our society today and elucidates how a well structured film could stand as an influential tool in upholding Nigerian cultural practices using some selected Nollywood films as paradigms.