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ANYANWU, Remigius Anayochi

Issues of Funding in Nollywood: A Revisit of The Cultural and Film Policies for Nigeria

Remigius Anayochi ANYANWU

Department of Theatre & Film Studies

University of Port Harcourt

P.M.B. 5323, Port Harcourt

Rivers State, Nigeria

E-Mail: ;

GSM: +234-803-490-8961; +234-812-946-7233


It is no more news that the Nollywood Industry which emerged in Nigeria during the last decade of the 20th century has really come to stay because it is obvious that the industry is making waves by the day. However, funding, which is the bedrock of every business enterprise, has remained a stumbling block to this great entertainment industry. Of course, the age long dictum, “a good soup is the product of money” remains a truism. There is no gainsaying that the problem of poor funding or lack of sponsorship tends to be a threat to the growth of the industry. The truth of the matter is that poor funding or even lack of adequate funding not only reduces the growth pace of the industry but also affects the products even when the members of the industry struggle to produce accordingly. Consequently, one begins to wonder the real idea behind the institution of both the Cultural Policy and the Film Policy for Nigeria. Hence, this study examines the issues of funding in the Nollywood Industry bringing to the fore the challenges that bedevil the industry due to poor funding or total paucity of sponsorship. It also evaluates the effectiveness cum efficiency of the provisions of both Policies, especially as it relates to funding for the promotion of the Nation’s arts and culture. It concludes by suggesting ways of alleviating the problems associated with funding in the Nollywood Industry.