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APEJOYE, Esther Frank

The Quality Question in Nollywood Movies: Mr.  & Mrs. and Diary of a Mad Black Woman

Esther Frank APEJOYE

Department of Theatre & Film Studies

University of Calabar, Calabar


Over the years, Nigeria's movie industry has sporadically climbed the ladder of prominence into becoming a world phenomenon despite its crude and humble beginning. Moreover, it is also adjudged the second best in the world today. However, many film scholars believe that Nollywood is still very backward in many aspects, such as, storyline, acting, production as a whole, and ultimately the aspect of quality as compared to its Bollywood and Hollywood counterparts. This is what this paper seeks to redress, it goes further to show how high the quality of Nollywood films is presently, as it is gradually growing pass the aspect of low quality. To further work on the study two, movies Mr. and Mrs. (Nollywood's) and Diary of A Mad Black Woman (Hollywood's) are employed. The critical and analytical method is used for this research. In conclusion, it is believed that this work will contribute to film studies.

Key Words: Quality, Question, Movies, Nollywood.

***Esther Frank APEJOYE teaches in theDepartment of Theatre & Film Studies, University of Calabar, Calabar, Nigeria. Her area of specialty is Dramatic Literature and Criticism