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Fate at Cross-Road with Courage: Gender Issues inMr. and Mrs., Maamiand Winnie Mandela


Department of Performing Arts

School of Visual and Performing Arts

College of Humanities, Management and Social Sciences

Kwara State University, Malete, Nigeria

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This paper focuses on the gender problems in patriarchal societies in Africa. The implicit categorization of women as ‘weaker’ vessels, and men as ‘stronger’ vessels has its “subjectivity” (Ukadike, 2013) defined by patriarchal power. This power finds its seed in the millennial soil of culture and tradition, history and social indices (sexism and racism), politics, economy, religion, mysticism and occultism. However, over ages, women like Mythical Moremi of Ile- Ife, and Amazon like Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti, have risen to the occasion to confront the dialectics of the “Imperfect” that man represents and “Incidental” that woman represents as Thomas Acquinas espoused. The concern of this paper is to examine the courage displayed by the female characters in the paradigmatic representatives of African cinema, challenging the burden of fate of weakness using Mr. and Mrs. by Ikechukwu Onyeka, Maami by Tunde Kelani and Winnie Mandela by Darrell Roodt. Based on the selection, there is the need to resolve the contention between the films made by Africans, and films made for Africans, which lead to critical analysis of the films selected; focusing on the gender theory within the prism of the use of patriarchal power in the face of global trends. The need for gender balance is to draw the image based on human conscious apprehension of what to be, and to becoming of partners in progress.

Key Words: Fate, Courage, Gender theory, To be and To Becoming.