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BADE-AFUYE, Toyin Beatrice

The Impact of Costume and Make-Up in Yoruba Video Films

Toyin Beatrice BADE-AFUYE

Department of Theatre and Media Arts

Ekiti State University

Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State


Phone: +234-806-320-9459; +234-805-778-6371


Costume and make-up play important roles in differentiating the actors from one another. The focus of every costumier and make-artiste is to make sure appearance of actor in a film arrest the attention of its viewers for effective communication. Adopting a descriptive method, this paper examines the basic functions of costume and make-up and its impact in Yoruba films using Efunsetan Aniwura, an epic film and Jenifa, a contemporary film as a case study to reveal the roles of costumes and make-up used in creating mood and establishing a character. The paper further reveals that costume is an important aspect of film which narrates story about each character within the production with the aim of projecting the mise-en-scene of a performance to add value, aesthetic and colour to the role of the actors. More so, it has been observed that design and appearance of all the aesthetic elements are mostly the creative idea of a costume designer whose job entails the manipulation of designs for each of the characters, to project specific information about the era, occupation, time, mood, status, religion and political environment of the performance. Therefore, common errors identified in the aforementioned films will be addressed while solutions will be proffered. The paper concludes that appropriate application of costumes and make-up for Yoruba films is very important and cannot be jettisoned.