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BANJO, Rukaiyyah

The Screen and the Stage: Contrasting Media

Rukaiyyah BANJO

Department of Theatre and Performing Arts

Bayero University, Kano


There is no doubt that the stage and the screen have a relationship. However, this relationship is mostly perceived as either a consistent artistic rivalry between competing performance genres, or belonging to two entirely different worlds in which they have little or nothing in common. This idea of theatre and film as separate, competing entities is not only shared by the general public but also by some theatre practitioners who have in recent times accepted that both concepts, though, each could be a lone performance, share a common interaction whereby the script could be modified for the screen using adaptation and transposition methods. All too often, it is assumed that movies either have replaced, or can or will replace theatre, but this assumption calls for an exploration. This automatically leads us to ask what are the real differences between the two? What is it we need and expect from each? And to what extent have both genres influenced each other. These are some of the questions this study hopes to look into and find answers to.


Rukaiyyah BANJO holds a BA Performing Arts (Drama) and MA Dramatic Arts (Media option) from University of Ilorin and Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, respectively. She is currently with the Department of Theatre and Performing Arts, Bayero University, Kano, where she teaches media related courses and practical theatre courses.