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The Socio-Psychological Effect of Sexual Sensationalism in Nigerian Home Movies: Women as Sex Objects in Ugochukwu Samuel’s College Girls


Department of Theatre Arts

Imo State University

Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria


GSM: +234-803-923-7514


The Nigerian home movie industry, otherwise called, Nollywood, no doubt, is an unprecedented phenomenon pointing towards an unforeseen potential in world mass media. Many of its thematic fixations are quite similar to those found in the posters that advertise and herald them. Such posters litter across the national space. Themes explored in the movies include, among others, kidnapping for ransom, cultism, human to animal transmutation, political corruption, religious fundamentalism, accidental wealth creation, ritual and the preponderance of B-movie sensationalism with indigenous cultural narratives that produce cinematic motifs set in the moral ambivalent landscape of modern Nigeria. The result of these negative assemblages is a moral dislocation that now threatens ethics and that which before now were considered normative and sensible within the African socio-ethical space. Thus, using the movie, College Girls, produced by Ugochukwu Samuel and directed by Anaele Evans which x-rays sexualization in a typical secondary school set up as paradigm, this researcher explored the socio-psychological effects of the media exposition of the theme on adolescents on the society at large. The paper concludes that such viewership and portrayal of heavy doses of immoralities puncture Africa’s ethics and hence, needed heavy censoring. The investigator employed the content analysis approach of the qualitative research methodology in carrying out this investigation.

Keywords: Sexual Sensationalism, Nollywood, College Girls, Sexuality.