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EFFIONG, Charles

The Aesthetics of Multiculturalism and Popularity of Nollywood

Charles EFFIONG, PhD

Department of Performing Arts

Akwa Ibom State University

Obio Akpa Campus, Akwa Ibom State


GSM: +234-802-609-5811


Nollywood has become a household name among the Nigerian audience and even global audience following its dynamic nature. It is on the strength of this that its popularity is sustaining against the fear waning on account of thematic concerns. In this direction, the focus of this paper is to examine multicultural features in the industry and the cultural aesthetics of Nigerian films that have sustained its popularity among global media products.  Akon Itiat, an Efik-Ibibio film produced in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, forms the sample for this study. Although there are some negative conceptions about Nollywood especially in the area of thematic development, which some arguments have used as a point to question the popularity of the industry, such developments as the production of Nollywood films in diverse Nigerian languages and dialects have further built on the popularity of the industry among Nigerians. Audiences from different Nigerian cultures now watch films produced in their different languages and feel accepted. Dialogue construction of any of such films is subtext to carry along audiences from the global sphere. This paper, therefore, tries to find out through survey and inference technique how the multicultural nature of the Nigerian society can further be exploited by film producers in such a way that many more local languages can be used in the production of Nigerian films. Thus the conclusion is that Nigerian films produced in local form that is in different local languages of the people’s culture carry with them aesthetics or beauty that endears many audiences of the cultures to the films.