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Nollywood and Women’s Portrayal in Tunde Babalola’s The Meeting


Post Graduate Student

Department of Theatre and Performing Arts

Ahmadu Bello University (ABU)

Zaria, Kaduna State



Over the years, the Nigerian movie industry, Nollywood, has grown into an empire of culture and identity. This identity which it has built for itself and the country would never have been without the full participation of women in films and movies. A woman represents different things to different people, and can therefore be portrayed accordingly. A woman is an embodiment of character and charisma, undaunted and passionate in all she does. This, in some cases, makes their portrayal in films a thing of interest to be considered. This paper will therefore attempt to look into the various ways (positive and negative) by which the womenfolk are represented and portrayed in Nollywood. It will do this by highlighting instances from Tunde Babalola’s award winning movie, The Meeting, bringing out the positive aspects of portrayal of women; and recommending, therefore, how it could be emulated in the industry for a brighter future.

Keywords: Nollywood, Film, Women portrayal, The Meeting