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EKWEARIRI, Chidiebere S.

Nollywood and the Quest for Relevant Education in Nigeria: A Critique

Chidiebere S. EKWEARIRI, PhD

Department of Theatre Arts

Alvan Ikoku  University of Education

Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria


GSM: +234-803-793-5614


The Nigerian Nollywood, conceived in line with the American’s Hollywood and Indian’s Bollywood name wise, from its inception in 1992, has been overshadowed with barrage of criticisms viz-a-viz low audio quality, low production quality and lack of appropriate visual aids among other things. These, among other factors, stem from the rush to maximize profit, and the calibre of people at the helm of affairs. Educationally, the content of some of the films have not been spared as most of them have been found wanting in terms of giving out the right information and proper education. The paper observes that the intent of film as an art is not just to be inconsiderably entertaining in its attempts to satisfy the market and yield impressive financial reward, but the film must also fulfil its finer role of proper information and socio-moral education. Films with morally debased contents have negative impacts on the youths who have fertile minds for experimentation and may cause them to begin to emulate and imitate the actions and inactions gleaned from these films. This paper therefore is a clarion call on Nollywood film makers and the powers that be, to, as a matter of urgency, review the content of some of their films with the view to improving the quality of education for our youths in particular and Nigeria in general. Nigeria’s quest to become the best in Africa and among the best in the world will not be attained if the contents of our film industry are not propelled towards the right education.