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EZEH Jr., Law Ikay

Thoughts on Nollywood and Cultural Re-Orientation

Law Ikay EZEH Jr.

NICO Training School

National Theatre Annex

Iganmu-Lagos, Nigeria

Website: www.nico.gov.ng


GSM: +234-818-704-9080


Since the advent of Nollywood which presumably began in 1992 with the production and release of Kenneth Nnebue’s film, Living in Bondage, hundreds of thousands of films have been churned out under the umbrella of Nollywood. The films have portrayed the saying in the Arts that, “everything is possible and nothing is impossible.” Majority of the viewers believe that Nollywood has done well; if it is not in the area of re-branding the nation’s image; re-inventing cultural diplomacy, contributing to politics, growing the economy and providing entertainment for millions of viewers all over the globe, it is in the area of re-orienting the people culturally. Thoughtfully speaking, culture defined as, “the interplay of man and his environment for the mutual survival of both,” has been well represented, propagated and promoted in some of the films, while it has been portrayed in bad light in others. This paper is of the opinion that Nollywood still has a lot of work to do, first, in the area of cultural orientation before moving on to re-orienting the people. In fact, in some people’s opinion, Nollywood has not even started. This is because there is no specificity in this direction. The paper believes more films that portray the people’s culture should be produced and specifically used to diffuse the nation’s culture globally, and more importantly, Nollywood should partner with the National Institute for Cultural Orientation (NICO), particularly, and other culture organisations to effectively re-orientate the people culturally.