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Globalisation and Nollywood: Carving a Niche on the Global Plane


Department of Theatre Arts

Faculty of Arts

Delta State University, Abraka


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Globalization has become an irresistible phenomenon. Virtually all aspects of human life, however remote is now affected by globalization. The Nigerian film industry has equally been affected. The effect of globalization on Nollywood can be seen in various ways. One of these is the attempt by the industry to take its place on the global plane. The concern, however, is the kind of image Nollywood is attempting to create for Nigeria. The paper finds that so far, Nollywood has not been able to establish the kind of identity by which the Nigerian can be identified. The paper, therefore, suggests some values, attitudes and cultural practices that Nollywood can emphasize as means of establishing an identity by which Nigerians can be identified, in the quest of carving a niche for itself in the global pantheon.

Key Words: Globalization, Identity, Culture, Nollywood, Film industry