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Synergizing Nollywood and TfD Praxis in Actualizing Rural Community Development: Prospects and Challenges


Doctoral Student

Department of Theatre and Performing Arts

Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria


GSM: +234-806-586-3960


The efficiency of the theatre as a tool for communication creates a veritable platform through which issues of social agenda and needs could be addressed. Theatre, using different mediums, has been explored to foster developments across the globe. In Nigeria, the development of the home video industry (Nollywood) has been well recognized for its strategic role in contributing to the development of the nation’s economy. The experiences of the Nollywood industry in spite of its national and global acclaims still seems to be far off when it comes to it being employed to concretely address the socio-economic realities of rural life. The need to bring Nollywood closer to the social needs and progress of rural masses will be the thrust of this paper. It seeks to examine and explore the possibilities which can be attained in synthesizing the praxis of Nollywood and Theatre for Development (TFD). It is however important to state that the synergizing of these two seemingly contrast mediums presents some challenges which will be highlighted. The fusion also offers some prospects and new ideas that could be explored to actualize an improved social life for rural communities, that is capable of translating into peace, harmony and social security for local communities and consequently, for the nation as a whole.