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IDOGHO, Joseph Agofure

Cultural Hybridization, Feminism and Nigeria’s Nollywood: A Postmodernist Analysis of Scars Of Womanhood, Yesterday and Reloaded

Joseph Agofure IDOGHO

Department of Theatre & Media Arts

Federal University, Oye Ekiti

Ekiti State, Nigeria

Email: ;

GSM: +234-806-059-6423


Postmodernism as a 21st Century critical theory has become prevalence in every facet of human endeavour that it is often misconstrue in practice. Subsequently, critics and scholars alike hardly agree on a common definition of the concept, but only conceptualize it. This paper therefore x-rays postmodernism as a critical theory and experiential tenet that has influence modern day thought in all implication; particularly the Nigeria Nollywood. The paper adopts qualitative research in its data gathering and analysis. The paper, through its case study of selected Nigerian films: Scars of Womanhood, Yesterday and Reloaded examines the inadvertent and innocuous influences of postmodernism on Film production technique and the Nigeria society generally. The paper further identify the basic features of postmodernism and its application in Filmmaking and as well as the characteristics of postmodernism on Nollywood and its implication on societal consumer behaviour. The finding of this study thus reveals thatpostmodernism; cultural hybridization and feminist dialogue as critical theory and movement seems to be more prevalent in the Nollywood than any other facet of our society. The paper thus concludes that not only has Nollywood influenced by postmodernism with specific emphasis on feminist discourse and cultural hybridization; Nollywood also focuses on promoting globalization and meta-narrative of culture which also are an aspect of postmodernism movement and thus should be applauded for this course.