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IFATIMEHIN, Olagoke Olorunleke

Nollywood and Cultural Engineering: Towards a National Culture

Olagoke Olorunleke IFATIMEHIN

Department of Theatre and Performing Arts

Bayero University, Kano

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GSM: +234-703-830-7736; +234-805-265-8172



Every nation has its unique collection of values, mores, aspirations and fears. A combination of this culminates into beliefs that shape, define and hold their unique worldviews in place. This essentially reflects itself in the way they relate and do things; their culture. Culture however is a consciously created and communicated sets of behavior transmitted from time immemorial. Certain traditional modes like storytelling, festivals, apprenticeship, parenting, music and songs have been attributed as vehicles for engineering culture. Cultural engineering is a deliberate method of influencing behavior without necessarily appearing to do same. Tales and songs have been created at the service of society to guide behavior and checkmate excesses. There exist in probably all cultures melodramatic stories, fiction or not, for children with subtly laden morals coated to help shape their behavior and make responsible adults of them, hence a better society. This paper examines the potentials of Nollywood as a mechanism for cultural engineering at the service of government. It would analyze how Nollywood could help in burgeoning and strengthening cultures of patriotism, nationhood and love for one’s country.