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IGBOAYAKA, Chiamaka Cynthia

Cultural Dimensions in Nollywood: A Normative Approach

Chiamaka Cynthia IGBOAYAKA

Department of Theatre Arts

Imo State University, Owerri

Imo State, Nigeria


GSM: +234-806-363-0934


Nollywood is an industry born out of cultural consciousness. From its cultural perspective, it has transformed to blend with the contemporary demands of the society. However, in the process of this transformation, it began to loose its cultural essence, in other words, its originality. The norms and values that define the Nigerian society became misplaced, and values forgotten. The industry claims to aim towards cultural edification, but the very things that define its norms are so misappropriated, leaving the audience with nothing other than fantasy and unauthenticated display. The epic backgrounds are crammed with unauthentic, unethical and mundane practices with no real values to represent. Again, the very features present a misguided institution with no bearing whatsoever for customary convictions. Traditional royal settings present a situation which is completely misconstrued from the norm. The growing attempt to inspect the very nature of Nollywood and the need for cultural re-orientation has become a vital affair. Factors abound which could possibly absorb the reproach for normative neglect in the Nigerian movie world. This paper examined and at the same time, found the missing link towards cultural objectives in Nollywood. It asserts that in order to address these factors, the Nollywood Industry should go back to the drawing board and get acquiesced in the norms and values that define Nigerians as a people. The investigator employed the qualitative research approach as methodology for this investigation.

Key words: Nollywood, Culture, Orientation/Re-orientation, Epic, Norms and Ethics