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ISIJOLA, Oluwatayo

Theatre Practitioners in Nollywood: The Challenges and Leverages of the Stage Actor

Oluwatayo ISIJOLA

Department of Theatre & Media Arts

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Federal University, Oye-Ekiti

Ekiti State, Nigeria

Email: ,

GSM: +234-806-355-5115


Theatre practice in Nigeria has been bedevilled by the challenge of poor patronage, and this renders the practitioner redundant in degrees. However, the Nigerian video film industry (Nollywood), with its high-rising patronage, considers the theatre actor as most undesirable, due to his exhibition of certain shortcomings. ‘Nollywood’ regards theatre-trained actors as being ‘stagy’ in their approach to the film medium. This study posits that there is the need for the theatre actor, who, by virtue of training, is challenged by limitations, to enhance his skill and capacity for the ‘screen media’. The study looks at the challenge of the stage-trained actor, and underscores his leverages when undertaking a screen media production. The paper submits that, while the Theatre strives for necessary revitalisation, stage actors should apply themselves concerning the apt approaches to screen acting in order to remain in business. Among others, the paper recommends a review of acting curriculum in the Nigerian institution of learning, so as to sufficiently cater to the challenges and limitations of a typical stage actor in film production.

Keywords: Nollywood, Stagy Acting, Screen Media.


Mr. Oluwatayo ISIJOLA is a lecturer in the Department of Theatre and Media Arts, Federal University, Oye-Ekiti in Ekiti state, where he teaches Acting for Stage and for Screen.