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LAWAL, Abdullahi

Nollywood and the Question of National Insecurity in State of Emergency

Abdullahi LAWAL

Department of the Performing Arts

University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria


GSM: +234-703-578-1420; +234-807-475-9502


Film as a medium of communication plays several roles in society, which include: cultural rejuvenation, propaganda (in various forms), awakening of social responsibilities, and raising consciousness towards national security, among others. The sordid state of security in Nigeria is highly worrisome. There are several instances of insecurity in the country that range from assassination, armed robbery, kidnapping for ritual or for ransom benefits, and unjust killing of innocent Nigerians, among others. Consequently, the reading of State of Emergency as a Nollywood product that addresses the issue of insecurity is significant. The attempt to discuss causes, outcomes and remedies of insecurity in our society as demonstrated in the film becomes necessary. And the issues raised in the film are relevant to Nigeria as the country is seriously confronting national insecurity of Boko Haram. The study adopts a textual analysis of State of Emergency, using reader-response criticism to situate the connection of the film to the Nigerian society; probably the lessons projected in the film can go a long way in addressing cases of insecurity in the country presently and in the future.

Keywords: Film, Communication, Insecurity, Nollywood, Boko Haram