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LAWAL, Hameed Olutoba

Cultural Aesthetics in Nigerian Video Films: A Critical Reading of Sikiru Adesina’s Ogunmola, Basorun Ibadan

Hameed Olutoba LAWAL

Department of Theatre Arts

Federal College of Education (Special), Oyo

Oyo State, Nigeria



Before the advent of the video culture in Nigerian Theatre Industry, arts of the theatre were the veritable means of exhibiting the aesthetics in culture. These were dramatized in acting, language, costuming, songs, dances and setting. With the relegation of the stage and the celluloid film to the background, the tradition of promoting and preserving the rich cultural heritage has been sustained with epic video films that serve the dual purpose of recalling the past to guide the present and project into the future. It is in furtherance of this tradition that, this paper expounds the cultural aesthetics in Sikiru Adesina’a epic movie, Ogunmola, Basorun Ibadan which dramatizes the exploits of Ogunmola in the war of supremacy between Alaafin Atiba and Kurunmi. In the enactment of the settings, war scenes, language, songs, dances, costuming and chants, cultural aesthetics embedded are expounded.

Keywords: Culture, Aesthetics, Video films.