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MADU, Hycentha F. I.

A Critical Analysis of the Portrayal of Women in Phone Swap and The Meeting

Hycentha F. I. MADU

Department of English/French

Nigeria Police Academy, Wudil

Kano State


GSM: +234-802-945-6608


Nigerian film producers and directors over time have reduced the women to the dependent character whose success depends solely on an overbearing male personality. The character of the woman is usually shallow and emotionally weak. This study seeks to evaluate the gender component of Nigerian video films. To achieve this, two films have been selected, namely: Phone Swap and The Meeting. The selection of the video films is based on their literary quality, spread, and popularity. The films were watched by the researcher and evaluated against the feminist literary critical tenets, expressed by different scholars through the ages. The researcher observes the apparent emphasis on the courage and strength in the female characters against domineering male counterparts. This paper shows that the female character is a rounded personality who when given the opportunity can successfully play the masculine role.