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MBARA, Nnamdi Christian

Nigerian Video Films and the Role of Costume/Make-Up in Cultural Diplomacy: A Study of Tchidi Chikere’s Worlds Apart

Nnamdi Christian MBARA

Department of Theatre Arts

Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education

Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria


GSM: +234-803-777-7465


Film is a medium of communication that is very powerful if effectively packaged and employed. It is a special medium which transcends and surmounts the functional barriers of language and culture differences by the combination of the creative and communicative qualities of visual and audio effects. The Nigerian video film, now very much in proliferation is a vital channel of entertainment and education to viewers. Significantly, it serves the function of cultural propagation and preservation of ethical values. It has also remained a credible source of mass mobilization, since it can be an influential force in changing human perception. The costume designer and make-up artist in a film production on the other hand, are the creative artists responsible for the cloths and looks of the characters and contribute generally to the production’s inner meaning through their creative interpretations. Unfortunately, most Nigerian video films reveal lack of credibility and professionalism most times especially in areas of costume/make-up. Oftentimes, the Nigerian video film is dominated by flamboyant costumes and exaggerated make-ups which do not agree with the realities on ground. Irrespective of the significance of the role of costume/make-up in drama, research reveals that it is an area that has not yet been given attention in Nigerian video films. It was on this premise that the researcher embarked on this work with the true aim of ascertaining the functional role of costume/make-up in Nigerian video films with the above mentioned topic and a study of Tchidi Chikere’s Worlds Apart.