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NWANYA, Agatha N.

Interrogating Gender: Postmodernism and the Place of Women in Nollywood

Agatha N. NWANYA

Dept of Theatre and Cultural Studies

Nasarawa State University, Keffi

Nasarawa State, Nigeria


GSM: +234-806-812-5473


The aesthetic development of Nigerian video/film is still very disturbing – requiring greater effort at installing a Nigerian identity, especially in the areas of language, censorship, design and role of women. Postmodernism seeks to restore the dignity of man by promoting opportunity for both men and women. Though the Nigerian film industry has been widely acknowledged as one of the fast growing industries, contributions of women are far from being satisfactory. There is dearth of female professionals, like producers, directors, editors, scriptwriters, etc. This research seeks to examine the role and extent of female participation in the industry as stakeholders. To this end, the following questions will be answered: (a) What population of women are stakeholders in the industry? (b) What role do they play? (c) What position do they occupy? (d) What is their numeration? This paper examines these assumptions, using some selected films. Survey and descriptive method will be adopted in the research.