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OBI, Nwagbo Pat

The Film Script, Nollywood and Cultural Diplomacy: Criticism of Artist’s Knowledge of the Film Story

Nwagbo Pat OBI

National Institute for Cultural Orientation (NICO)

No. 23, Kigoma Street, Wuse Zone 7

Abuja-FCT, Nigeria

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GSM: +234-803-295-9851


The art of storytelling through scripting tradition in theatre productions, filmmaking inclusive demands that members of the cast and crew should be familiar with the story. However, the playwright or in the case of film, the script writer must have finished writing the script, but the artists must read in-between the lines to internalize the story for in-depth interpretation. This underscores how the story affects other dramatic elements: plot, character, idea, locale, language, and spectacle to bring out the aesthetics of the production.  Each story in a film dramatizes the culture of a people. The relationship of the dramatic elements to this culture is relevant to how the viewers; especially from other cultures perceive the culture being showcased in the film. The perception of these foreign viewers affects the relationship of both cultures. This determines how that foreign culture relates with the dramatized culture. This study examines how film scripts in Nollywood affect cultural diplomacy through criticism of artists’ knowledge of the film story. Through a critique of scripting tradition as it applies to theatre production, the study shall determine the level of information the artists in Nollywood film have with the film story, its culture and the dramatic elements no matter how minor their roles are. This study finds that the scripts given to the artists in Nollywood film productions are only the pages where they feature. So, many of them are not conversant with the film story, other characters, culture being dramatized until the films are released.