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ODI, Christine

Pushing the Womanist Agenda to the Frontiers: A Cultural Backflip in Nollywood Films

Christine ODI, PhD

Department of Theatre Arts

Faculty of Arts, Niger Delta University

Wilberforce Island, Bayelsa State


Mobile: +234-803-715-0588


The Womanist Agenda, an African construct which is a sharp parallel from some of the more extremist western feminist movements, is a movement that preaches the inclusion of both the male and female genders to build a harmonious and equitable African society. It is however an agenda that is still being denigrated and rebuffed by die-hard advocates of patriarchy, to the detriment of societal development. That notwithstanding, the movement is gaining momentum, attention and even acceptance in parts of the Nigerian society. The Nigerian movie industry which mirrors mainly the Nigerian society has been contributing its quota to the Womanist discourse through its numerous filmic productions on the theme. This essay culturally examines Womanist issues x-rayed in a specific Nollywood movie that turn culture on its head, in its bid to push the Womanist agenda to the frontiers of feminist discourse. To achieve that purpose, the genre adopted, issues raised, and the film’s success in its intent, will constitute the essay’s discourse and findings.