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OBIRE, Dennis U. & Chijioke Yankson IYAMAH

The Woman Question and Nollywood: Ikechukwu Onyeka’s Mr. and Mrs. as Illustration

Dennis U. OBIRE

Doctoral Student

Department of Theatre Arts

Delta State University, Abraka


GSM: +234-806-542-8177


Chijioke Yankson IYAMAH

Department of Theatre Arts

College of Education, Agbor

Delta State, Nigeria


GSM: +234-803-741-2085


The overwhelming power of film in its entirety cannot be overemphasized. This is so because apart from its educative, informative, innovative and entertaining appeal, film also plays a vital role in the change and developmental process of a society. The universal impact and mass appeal of film has become infectious like a virus in Nigerian today as she enjoys a tremendous boom in the Video Film Industry popularly known as ‘Nollywood’ as a result of the high income being generated by this sector. A glimpse into the Nigerian video film industry reveals that it constantly explores aspect of our society that is in dire need of change, one of which is our family institution where the woman is being oppressed and marginalized on account of culture due to the patriarchal structure of the society. This paper examined the role of Nollywood in reshaping the image of Nigerian women especially in this era of technological advancement where women empowerment is highly needed using Ikechukwu Onyeka’s film, Mr. and Mrs. as illustration. This study observed that the patriarchal structure of the society which empowers the men and keeps the women in an inferior position is not healthy for the peaceful coexistence of the family and the society at large. This is so because when peace is absent in families, the society will definitely be plagued with chaos as the society is a conglomeration of families. The study recommends the need for the women to be empowered as well as the implementation of more policies by the Government that will better the lot of the Nigerian women in order for them to be able to contribute their quota to the development of the society.