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The Challenges of National Security within the Culture and the Consciousness of Crime in Tunde Kelani’s Maami


Drama Unit, Department of Languages & Linguistics

Osun State University, Nigeria


GSM: +234-803-508-2896


This paper engages the polemics in individuals’ developmental consciousness predisposition to crime within a cultural milieu that both conditioned to crime and expects decorum. Authorities – the state, the elders and the community – expect young people to learn and promote national interest, security and cohesiveness but they often bring them up within the culture of impunity, degradation and the glaring violation of fundamental human rights and lives. There is often a great gulf between what these authorities want in form of conformity to presumed international best practices in relation to the minimum standard for socio-cultural interaction that places values on human lives and how they brazenly break those values and standards. The implication of this double standard on the consciousness of such young people and their later years of existential struggle with crime is what one can clearly trace and see in the life of the main character in Tunde Kelani’s Maami, Kasimaawo. Therefore, this paper looks at the challenges of security within such culture and practices that foreground the consciousness of crime in the developmental process of Kasimaawo to the point that he returns from Europe to kill his father in an attempt to have peace. Theoretically, the paper combines psychoanalytical theory with dialectical text consciousness theory in its analysis. The paper concludes that security can only be built on a fair and equitable system that encourages the supremacy of justice within the framework of rule of law.    


‘Bode Ojoniyi teaches Drama in the Literature Unit of the Department of Languages and Linguistics, Osun State University, Nigeria. He holds a BA (Hons) in Performing Arts, Ilorin, MA Dramatic Literature from University of Lagos, and PhD Performing Arts from the University of Ilorin, Nigeria. He has published articles in journals and chapters in books. He also has four published plays to his credit: The Primate and the Lost Clergy (2010), The Infidel and the Blood Suckers (2010), Once Upon An Evil Genius (2011), and Four Short Plays (2014). He has just been awarded the prestigious ACLS/AHP 2015 Postdoctoral Fellowship. Email: ; ; or Mobile: +234-803-508-2896.