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OKORIE, Ihuoma

Media Criticism, Culture and Nollywood


Department of Theatre and Performing Arts

Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria



Entertainment is been one of the vibrant outfits that sustain man and adds to his longevity. It is generally accepted that the western nations are dominating the entertainment sector in the entire media practice today. Therefore, the need to project Nigeria in the entertainment sector is one of the factors that gave rise to the Nigerian home movie industry. Nollywood is nationalistic, a movement that tries to challenge the influx and the influence of foreign culture through foreign movies in Nigeria. Through the movies, the Nigerian culture is spread as well as several misconceptions about Nigerians are also corrected. The focus of this paper is to project the hegemonic activities of home movie practitioners in the business of film making. Nollywood have not really succeeded in promoting the culture and image of Nigeria as a result of local hegemony on the side of the practitioners who are more concerned with enriching their pockets, relegating to the background the cultural implication of such representation. Findings show that though Nigerian culture is being promoted, there are still mounting challenges as the image of Nigeria is being represented positively and at the same time, negatively. The problem has to do with local hegemony in form of money bags who determine what the thematic thrust of each movie made will be. There are both trained and untrained practitioners who are business oriented, churning out films without considering their cultural implication. Furthermore, there exist communication gaps on what Nollywood is meant to project coupled with the reason for its creation. They engage in making movies that are full of obscene behaviours thus, creating what is alien to the Nigerian society. The implication lies in the fact that promoting the Nigerian culture has not been well understood and handled by film makers. This paper recommends that film makers hold an authentic cultural value by bringing to a minimal the negative images they project. Movies which promote the good cultural values of Nigerians should be produced more often.

***Miss Ihuoma OKORIE is a Masters student in theDepartment of Theatre and Performing Arts, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.