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OLAYIWOLA, Elizabeth

Contextualization of Women’s Spirituality in Mount Zion Films: Exploring Women’s Spirituality


School of Visual and Performing Arts

Kwara State University

Malete, Nigeria


It is generally assumed by many that women have a greater connection to spirituality in such a way that men do not, women are perceived to be more spiritually involved than men Although men seem to hold more leadership and prominent position within most organized religion. Myth has it that there are more witches than wizards. (This we can prove from collections of African oral traditions). In most churches there are more women in church than men. This paper explore women’s spirituality, our usage of women’s spiritually slightly differs from its usage within feminist frame. So, by women’s spirituality we mean women’s way of connecting and relating to the spiritual and by spiritual we mean the immaterial unseen world. We postulate that women in peculiars ways romance the spiritual world in such a way men cannot or do not. We propose that this unique relationship between the female gender and the spiritualis likely as a result of their subjugation as a group. In the physical/material world female revolves around several limitation and oppression simply for been women. Spirituality seem to provide for women the liberty and justice they are deprived of and so seek in the physical world, the spiritual world seems to offer power and influence, which in turn offers better placement for woman in the material world. We intend to sustain this argument by surveying collections of Christianity film video. This paper seeks to provide answers to the research question: ‘Why are women so drawn to spirituality?