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OLUSA, Bamidele Olusoji

Linguistic Infelicities in Nollywood Movies

Bamidele Olusoji OLUSA

Director, Research and Documentation

National Institute for Cultural Orientation (NICO)

Abuja-FCT, Nigeria

Website: www.nico.gov.ng


GSM: +234-803-076-1914


Although English is non-native to Nigeria, it has become our adopted language and now used in nearly all domains. As a linguistic bridge across the various ethnic groups and linguistic diversities, the language is used in the Nollywood industry either in mono-lingual movies or as translations. This paper examines some infelicities in the use of English in the industry. The paper will compile obvious errors using the Error Analysis Methodology. The result is expected to improve the use of English as a means of communication, not only in the Nollywood industry but in the nation generally.