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Nollywood and Cultural Re-Orientation of Nigerian Youth


Director, Orientation & Cultural Affairs

National Institute for Cultural Orientation (NICO)

Abuja-FCT, Nigeria


Cell: +234-706-719-2194


The evolution of Nollywood, the Nigerian film industry to the enviable position of the second largest film industry globally is one of the most positive developments of post independent Nigeria. Apart from the enormous economic benefits of Nollywood such as job creation and significant contribution to Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), its strategic importance as a tool for socio- cultural transformation of Nigerian youth is very gratifying. Before the inception of Nollywood, Nigerian youths were largely indoctrinated through foreign films especially western and Indian. These foreign films had negative cultural influence on our youth which culminated in the erosion of our cherished cultural and moral values. With the general acceptance and the popularity of Nollywood among Nigerian youths, the tendency is being reversed. Nollywood now serves as a veritable platform for the cultural re-orientation of Nigerian youths. This study examines Nollywood and cultural re-orientation of Nigerian youths. Through a critical reading of some Nollywood films and interview of youths, we shall interrogate the extent to which Nollywood has fostered the cultural re-orientation of Nigerian youths. The study concludes that Nollywood films have positively influenced Nigerian youths in appreciating and promoting our rich cultural heritage.

Keywords: Nollywood, Cultural Orientation and Youth.