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ARINDE, Tayo Simeon & Oludolapo OJEDIRAN

Preaching Morality in the Garb of Immorality in some Selected Gendered Nigerian Home Video Movies

Tayo Simeon ARINDE, PhD

Department of the Performing Arts

University of Ilorin

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GSM: +234-803-359-4845

Oludolapo OJEDIRAN, PhD

Department of the Performing Arts

University of Ilorin


GSM: +234-818-598-0827


This paper examines various forms of moral decadences, bizarre or unpleasant, unsavoury and incongruous social teachings in some selected Nigerian home video movies. It also attempts a review of when and how these barrages of immoral teachings skulk in and the extent of damage that the decadences had done to the morale of Nigerians. Since the gendered society is celebrated, the role of women in these selected films cannot be overemphasised. The female gender play a vital role of upholding tradition and cultural norms  in a society, but the Nigerian home video movies have made them sacrifice their dignity in the search of morality.The methodological approach in interrogating this work is an analytical appraisal of some selected Nigerian movies. Stemming from the approach enumerated above, our findings reveal that quests for modernity, promotion of cross-cultural relationship, mostly for economic gains and crazes, amongst other factors are the notable bane of the derailment of movie producers from its initial moral mission. However, with the degree of the decadence notwithstanding, this work paper asserts that in the theatre, movies inclusive, lays the medium for correction of societal ills and the ill-perception of the female gender within the Nigerian society. This is achievable when collaboration is established with morally upright professional bodies and art practitioners.

Keywords: Home video, Nollywood, Gender, Morality and Immorality.