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MORISON, Ime G. & Uwaoma C. NWAZUE

Market Dynamics and its Influence on Film Production and Directing in Nollywood


Department of Theatre Arts

University of Uyo, Uyo


GSM: +234-703-809-3988


Uwaoma C. NWAZUE

Department of Theatre Arts

University of Maiduguri, Maiduguri


GSM: +234-803-771-0337


Several factors have influenced the production and direction of films in Nigeria over the years. These are, but not limited to, lack of funds, equipment, piracy, inadequate distribution and marketing channels, etc. Producers and directors are increasingly faced with the challenge of how to recoup funds invested in film productions owing primarily to the fragmented and cluttered nature of the Nollywood film market, as the volume of films released (i.e. supplied) to the market greatly outweighs demand. Apart from this, the closed-market system of distribution operated by major distributors has forced producers and independent directors to sacrifice certain production elements and quality (due to market influence) in order to break even as well as make gains on investment. Thus, using the descriptive survey methodology, this paper shall examine the influence of market dynamics, especially the commoditization of aesthetic quality in view of "what or who sells in Nollywood?" on film production and directing in Nigeria. It shall, amongst other things, recommend that instead of downgrading or compromising standards in order to double the chances of making gains, producers and directors in Nollywood should rather aim for quality standards as this ''sells" better in the open market (of film festivals, awards and box office grossing) than inferior film products.

KEYWORDS: Market Dynamics, Directing, Production, Nollywood.