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EJIGA, Faith Une

Cultural (Re)Construction of Women’s Positions as an Option to Western Feminist Thoughts: Idemilias Paradigm

Faith Une EJIGA

Department of Theatre and Performing Arts

Ahmadu Bello University (ABU)

Zaria, Kaduna State


GSM: +234-806-712-1171


One of the challenges that have bedevilled the human race today is the total relegation of women to the background. It must however be noted that, in recent times, this menace has taken a welcome dimension. Despite the efforts to locate a lasting solution to this problem the discrimination lingers on. It is against this background that this study focuses on how the position of the Nigerian women can be reconstructed through the return to cultural definition of their place. Apparently, the feminist’s manifestos have not really yielded the desired results. Women still wallow in the problematic of discernment. This paper intends to locate how some Nigerian films are helping or have helped in the redirection and construction of woman’s place. The study adopts qualitative research methodology and takes the instrument of content analysis for the work. It embraces this to enable it look at how these films have redefined the position of women culturally. The study goes further to suggest that there is need to return to the original position of women. The paper goes to conclude that now that feminism from the western perspective has not helped greatly, our women should retrace their tracks to the natural position. Then equity, justice and equality that they seek through the eye of the western feminism can be achieved through the eyes of African womanism.