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MBA, Nonyelum Chibuzo

Beyond Stigmatization to Cultural Rendezvous and Societal Transformation: Women in Drama/Nollywood

Nonyelum Chibuzo MBA, PhD

Department of English

University of Abuja

P.M.B. 117, Abuja, Nigeria


Mobile: +234-803-588-3608


Nollywood is a developmental and enterprising platform for cultural rendezvous, cultural transformation, and exploration of individual’s potentials as modes of societal transformation, economic boost and alignment with globalized world. It reveals the dramatic nature of filming in line with individual’s, cultural and societal advancement. Diverse challenges abound, some of which are cultural, economic, political, and socially based. The exploration of the place of women in Nigerian culture vis-a-vis the establishment of women in Nollywood is imperative. The literary culture as a mode of boosting Nollywood through playwriting cannot be overlooked. Through these means, the thematic concerns that explore societal challenges, possible solutions and way forward are projected. Certain obnoxious cultures that hinder women’s development and societal progress as portrayed by some Nigerian playwrights are countered by the key roles of women in drama/Nollywood. The cinematic nature of Nollywood is a deliberate act to reach a wider audience for the purpose of exposing the gender inequity in Nigeria, societal ills, boost entrepreneurship, self-development, and reveal the beauty in Nigerian culture as a means of cultural outreach towards national development and international relations. This paper explores the interrelatedness of culture and gender-based roles with particular attention to women, challenges confronting the Nollywood women, cultural transformation and national development, drama as cultural re-orientation and gender mainstreaming motivator and Nollywood as the extension/ established motivator of gender mainstreaming. The theoretical framework of the paper is the Gender Theory. The contribution to knowledge is that culture is a rich source of livelihood, self and societal advancement, and entrepreneurship; and culture permeates drama and acting to establish the essence of existence, survival, fulfilment, advancement and smooth transition from the challenges bugging the Nigerian society through the adoption of non-sexuality.