ABDULLAHI, Denja: Teaching an Old Dog a New Trick
ADEBAYO, Aminat Titilayo: Space and Theatre: The Nigerian National Theatre and the Euro-American Spatial Design Legacy
ADEDINA, Femi & TAIWO, Victor Tunji: Aesthetics and Semiotics in Nigerian Films: An Analysis of Saworoide (Brass Bell), A Tunde Kilani’s Film
ADEMIJU-BEPO, Adediran: The Consciousness of Pain and the Pain of Consciousness
ADÉOYÈ, Adérèmí Michael: Deconstructing the "Wood" in "Nollywood"
ADESEKE, Adefolaju Eben: Nollywood and Women Profiling: A Case Study of Two Nigerian Home Videos Films
ADESEYE, Bifatife Olufemi & AKPUGHE, Oghenemudiaga Praise: Accentuating the Nigerian Video Films as an Instrument for Resuscitation of Cultural Values: Select Nigerian Video Films as Case Study
AFO, Donaldson Ushie: Repositioning Nollywood through Behaviour Change Communication
AKAM, Kingsley Oyong: Reaffirming the Director’s Role in Filmmaking Towards Quality Production
AKANLE, Oyewole Isaac: Nollywood and Alternative Dispute Resolution: A Critical Reading of Mr. and Mrs.
ALI, Dameh Joseph: Historical and Cultural Re-Orientation in Kunle Afolayan’s October 1
ANIUKWU, Nkemakonam: Cultural Performance and Sustainability: Analysis of Selected Nollywood Films
ANYANWU, Chukwuma: Nollywood and the Need for Cultural Re-Orientation
APAKAMA, Lucy Mgbengasha: Nollywood and Cultural Re-Orientation: Promoting Igbo Cultural Values through Films
APEJOYE, Esther Frank: The Quality Question in Nollywood Movies: Mr. & Mrs. and Diary of a Mad Black Woman
ARINDE, Tayo Simeon & OJEDIRAN, Oludolapo: Preaching Morality in the Garb of Immorality in some Selected Gendered Nigerian Home Video Movies
ASUQUO, Nsikan Bassey: Transforming Positive Nigerian Cultural Values into Audio-Visuals for Nollywood Films
ATANDA, Yemi: Fate at Cross-Road with Courage: Gender Issues inMr. and Mrs. and Maami
AWUAWUER, Justin Tijime : Marketing Nigerian Dances for Cultural Diplomacy: Lessons from Swange Dance of the Tiv People
AZEEZ, Tunji: Interrogating the Nexus Between Ideology, Training and Quality of Nigerian Movies: Niji Akanni’s Heroes and Zeroes
BADE-AFUYE, Toyin Beatrice: The Impact of Costume and Make-Up in Yoruba Video Films
BALOGUN, Sola: From Drama Script to Film Medium: A Hypothetical Conversion of Femi Osofisan’s Morountodun into Motion Picture
BANJO, Rukaiyyah: The Screen and the Stage - Contrasting Media
DANIEL-INIM, Praise C. : Nollywood, Cultural Diplomacy and Women’s Roles as Agents of Peace and Security
DOKI, Gowon Ama & Jerry Idah ODEH: Verisimilitude and Aesthetics in selected Nigerian Home Movies
DUNIYA, Gambo G.: A Perspective on Nigeria's Cultural Diplomacy
DURUAKU, ABC: Nollywood Screen Drama for Tomorrow’s Marketplace: Issues for Engagement
EDUM, Sunday: The Auteur Director and the Repositioning of Nollywood for Cultural Diplomacy and National Security
EFFIONG, Charles: The Aesthetics of Multiculturalism and Popularity of Nollywood
EJIGA, Faith Une: Cultural (Re) Construction of Women’s Positions as an Option to Western Feminist Thoughts: Mr. and Mrs. as Paradigm
EKERIKEVWE, Sunday A. & IWOKWAGH, Gloria E.: The Role of the Mass Media in Repositioning Nollywood
EKWEARIRI, Chidiebere S.: Nollywood and the Quest for Relevant Education in Nigeria: A Critique
ENI, Kenneth Efakponana: Towards a Safe Work Environment in the Theatre and Entertainment Industry in Nigeria
EZE-ORJI, Bernard: Thematic Preoccupation of Igbo Films: New Dimension to the Image Bastardization in Nigerian Movie Industry
EZEH Jr., Law Ikay: Thoughts on Nollywood and Cultural Re-Orientation
FASORANTI, Abiola Olubunmi: The Aesthetics of Adapting and Directing Stage Plays for the Screen
GANA, Emmanuel Tsadu: Nollywood and the New Media Interface: Exploring New Spaces for the Theatre
GOD’SPRESENCE, Emily Oghale: Nollywood Women Filmmakers and Actresses as Transformers and Promoters of Culture for National Security and Development
HANMAKYUGH, Teddy: Towards the Achievement of Potential Benefits of Nollywood: The Challenges of Funding, Distribution and Piracy
IDEBE, Abel: Synergizing Nollywood and TfD Praxis in Actualizing Rural Community Development: Prospects and Challenges
IDOGHO, Joseph Agofure: Cultural Hybridization, Feminism and Nigeria’s Nollywood: A Postmodernist Analysis of Scars of Womanhood, Yesterday and Reloaded
IFATIMEHIN, Olagoke Olorunleke: Nollywood and Cultural Engineering: Towards a National Culture
IHENTUGE, Chisimdi Udoka: The Nigerian Copyright Act and the Menace of Piracy in Nollywood: Contemporary Realities Thereof
IHIDERO, Victor Osae: Nollywood, Meta-Narrativity and the Challenges of Narrating History in Half of a Yellow Sun and Black November
IMAM, Mohammed-Kabir Jibril & Lucy Ada ONAIVI: Cultural Rejuvenation through the Fourth Genre of Literature
INYANG, Ofonime: The Role of Nollywood and the Creative Arts in Environmental Communication and Education: Some Suggestions For Nigerian Policy Makers
IRUOBE, Nita Byack George: Propagating Gender Struggles Through Nollywood: Towards a Transformative Approach
IYAV, Ben Due: Nollywood, Cultural Diplomacy and National Security in Contemporary Nigeria: Problems, Challenges and Prospects
IYORZA, Stanislaus: Nollywood in Diversity - New Dimensions for Behaviour Change and National Security in Nigeria
JACOB, Okon Udofot: Aesthetics and Semiotics in Nigerian Films: Repositioning Nollywood for the Promotion of Nigeria’s Cultural Diplomacy
JEGEDE, Emmanuel: Alternative Media and Promotion of Food Security in Rural Communities in Nigeria
JULFA, Fadam Lucky: Nigeria, A Construction Site: Tor Iorapuu’s Dramatic Portrayal of the Nation in April 1421
KUDE, Gloria: Nollywood and the Literary
LAWAL, Abdullahi: Nollywood and the Question of National Insecurity in State of Emergency
LAWAL, Hameed Olutoba: Cultural Aesthetics in Nigerian Video Films
LIMAN, Rasheedah - Nollywood and Health Security in Nigeria: An Evaluation of Tunde Kelani’s Dazzling Mirage
MADU, Hycentha F. I.: A Critical Analysis of the Portrayal of Women in Phone Swap and The Meeting
MBA, Nonyelum Chibuzo: Beyond Stigmatization to Cultural Rendezvous and Societal Transformation
MGBEMERE, Chijindu Daniel: Language and the Igbo Film Content: A Reappraisal
MORISON,Ime G. & NWAZUE, Uwaoma C. : Market Dynamics and its Influence on Film Production and Directing in Nollywood
NWAFOR, Ofobuike & Tracie Chima UTOH-EZEAJUGH: Between and Betwixt: The Emergence of a New Nollywood
NWOSU, Canice Chukwuma & NWOSU, Emeka: Nollywood and the Nigerian Security Situation
OBI, Nwagbo Pat: The Film Script, Nollywood and Cultural Diplomacy: Criticism of Artist’s Knowledge of the Film Story
ODI, Christine: Pushing the Womanist Agenda to the Frontiers: A Cultural Backflip in Nollywood Films
ODUNZE, Josephine Awele: Dance as Vehicle for Promoting Nigeria’s Cultural Diplomacy: The Nollywood Experience
OGBONNA, Kelechi Stellamaris: Cultural and Ritual Aesthetics in Nigerian Theatre: Implications for Nollywood
OJIESON, Silver Abhulimhen: Historical Materials and Fictional Verities
OJONIYI, ‘Bode: The Challenges of National Security within the Culture and the Consciousness of Crime in Tunde Kelani’s Maami
OKOLI, Obi: Navigating Auteurism in Nollywood
OKORIE, Ihuoma: Media Criticism, Culture and Nollywood
OKPADAH, Stephen Ogheneruro & AFOLABI, Taiwo Okunola: The Video Film Medium: A Panacea for National Development
OKWUOWULU, Charles: Reclaiming Nollywood from Western Nigeria: The Socio-Cultural Influences of Eastern Culture
OLAYIWOLA, Elizabeth: Contextualization of Women’s Spirituality in Mount Zion Films: Exploring Women’s Spirituality
OLUSA, Bamidele O.: Nigerianism and the English Language Use in the Nollywood: A Focus on Yoruba Films
OMIJIE, Alex: Nollywood and Cultural Re-Orientation of Nigerian Youth
ONAH, John Ochinya: The Socio-Semiotics of Filmic Representations in Nollywood and its Implications for Nigeria's Cultural Diplomacy
ONUCHE, Godwin: Re-Invigorating the Indigenous Flute in African Dance Performance
OYELOLA, Abayomi O.: Nollywood and Copyright Administration in Nigeria: Implications for National Development
SESAN, Azeez Akinwumi & SHITTU, Toyin: Nollywood and Cultural Re-Orientation: Prospects and Problems
SHAKA, Femi Okiremuette & IBE, Ibe O.: Nollywood: Authorship and Ideology in Popular Culture
SOKPO, James Luper: Repositioning Nollywood for Cultural Reformation in Nigeria: A Gender and Culture Discourse
SURU, Cyrus Damisa: Nollywood and Cultural Re-Orientation: The Inclusion of Ososo Itakpo Maturation Tradition
TUME, ‘Tosin Kooshima: The Unprofessional Use of Dance in Nollywood Films
UGALA, Best B: Imperatives of Literary Redefinition of Nollywood
UGULAH, Bright: Media Criticism, Culture and Nollywood: Towards Achieving National Security Sustainability in Nigeria
UGWUISHI, Theresa Chiemezie: Nollywood and Cultural Re-Orientation
UZOJI, Emmanuel Ebere: Na mata ne: Crime and the Gender Question in Nollywood
UZONDU, Ifeyinwa: Pornography in Nollywood: An Aberration in Nigerian Culture
YACIM, Roseline Ande: Audience Perception and Assessment of Performances at the University of Abuja, Open Air Theatre
YUSUF-AUDU, Nurat Tosin: Investing in Nollywood for Promotion of Cultural Diplomacy and National Security